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Customized Kitchen Cabinets for San Francisco, CA

Inside each kitchen, there should be accessories that make life easier. How many times have you had to get down on your hands and knees and feel around the back of a ground-level cabinet to find what you’re looking for? At HC Kitchen Cabinet, we provide you with accessories to make your kitchen unique and to provide access to more space inside the cabinet. The most common accessories are a Lazy Susan, trash bin, roll outs, and spice trays. We can also accessorize with lighting inside your cabinets to make things easier for you.
Kitchen Showroom San Francisco, CA
Kitchen Showroom San Francisco, CA
Kitchen Showroom San Francisco, CA
Kitchen Showroom San Francisco, CA
Kitchen Remodeling San Francisco, CA
Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Cabinets San Francisco, CA
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Hardware for Your Custom Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

Two main types of hardware are door hinges and drawer slides. There are many different types of door hinges that allow door adjustments, depending on what type of cabinet you are building. A door hinge can also include a soft-closing feature, removing the banging noise every time you close it. 

Drawer slides come in two different types: under-mount and side-mount. They both function the same, except under-mounts provide more elegance to the drawer box and have a built-in soft-closing feature.

To enhance your cabinets even further, select some of our hardware and accessories which will make their functionality even greater. Stop into our kitchen showroom today to see all of your options!
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