Color & Finish Options For Our Custom Craft Cabinets 

Color and finish are the last steps of building your unique cabinetry. There are two main finishing techniques: stain finishing or paint finishing. Both will make your cabinetry look fantastic. If you prefer a more traditional look, you can add in glazing at the end.

There five processes in putting color into wood:
  1. Pre-sanding – Allows the wood to absorb the color.
  2. Staining – The process of spraying the color into the wood, using a spray gun.
  3. Sealing – Used to create a protective layer to resist water, build durability, and promote adhesion.
  4. Fine-sanding – Allows the surface to be smooth to the touch after the sealer roughs it up.
  5. Top Coat – The final step that solidifies a smooth surface area.

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Color and Finish Examples

This is where you can match your custom kitchen cabinets or your bathroom vanity to your current décor or completely update everything! See your many options for color and finishes below.
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